Best multifunction laser printer in india

best multifunction laser printer in india

Best multifunction laser printer in india 2020

If you are searching for the best multifunction laser printer in India, than you are in the right place.

We have kept the search on the internet online for multifunction laser printer in India. We found some of the suitable multifunction laser printers, so we made a list of eat in this article.

Founding a laser printer that is suitable for you is a big task. Please go through this article for choosing the right best multifunction laser printer in India 2020.  in this article, we have some brands like HP, Canon, brother, etc. which give the best value for money in this price range, so let’s Get It Started.

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1. HP Laserjet Pro Multi - Function Monochrome Laser Printer

HP Laserjet Pro M126nw Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

This HP Laser printer called a LaserJet; it can print scan and copy. The output of this printer is black and white only. You can connect with this HP LaserJet printer via wireless, USB, Ethernet.The range for pages  per minute of this printer is 20 pages.

It is a wireless printer so you can print directly from your smartphone, so it is called a future-ready printer.  This HP LaserJet printer gives an excellent clear, and crisp Professional quality printing. It is effortless to use the printer. 

If you want to print by your smartphone, then you have to use HP Smart App, which is easy to use to install and use. The scanning quality of these laser printer is also excellent you can scan high-resolution images with an inbuilt scanner.


2. Canon Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

Canon MF3010 Digital Multifunction Laser Printer

This printer is also an excellent multifunction laser printer. The pages per minute of this multifunction laser printer are 18.

This Canon laser printer is a perfect choice for your small business enterprise, office, and home uses where you do not require colorful prints. It is efficient for printing high quality black and white printing with less time

The scanner of these laser printer also scans with high resolution and high quality UPTo 9600 DPI. It is easy to maintain and replace cartridge is an easy task.


3. Brother Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex Printing

Brother DCP-L2520D Multi-Function Monochrome Laser Printer with Auto-Duplex Printing

This laser printer is all in one scan, copy, and printing device. You can connect this brother printer with Wi-Fi,  USB , and Ethernet. Pages per minute of this printer are fast; it is print 30 pages per minute at a low cost.

Please also gives high-quality output printing.

You can print via mobile by connecting Wi-Fi with this printer. It is a two-sided printer, and it reduces your printing cost-efficiently.


Are you planning to buy a new printer? Well! In today’s article Of simply Explained, we are going to compare Inkjet Printers And Laser Printers.

We will try to differentiate between Inkjet Printers and laser printers, ad. We will try to identify which is the best printer to print images, Or which is the best office printer. Which is the best printer for school/projects?

Without wasting time, let’s start with the article, by the way, you are reading Explained. Without wasting time, let’s start with Printers.

Before starting, With the pros and cons of both the printers, i.e. Pros and cons of Inkjet printers and laser printers, let’s try to understand What are the differences and how they work for laser printer.

Start with inkjet printers. Inkjet Printers spray liquid ink through Microscopic nozzles on the paper, as shown in the picture. Whereas on the other hand, Laser printers Have a drum unit that fuses or melts toner powder on the paper.

There is a toner Powder – Try to understand it as an Ink which is hard/solid in the form of powder. There is a drum which tries to melt and put the ink. On the paper with a laser, this is how a laser printer works.

Whenever you are trying to select a printer, there are three main criteria That you should consider, i.e. Print Quality, Print Per Minute, i.e. 

Print Speed and Efficiency of the printer, i.e. Cost of Printing. For Example, Print Quality is determined to depend on the work that you have best multifunction laser printer in India 2020.

For example, if you want to print photos, You need a different kind of printers whereas if you print only documents and text. In your office, you need a different kind of printer. Similarly, Print speed also plays a better role in selecting a printer.

For example, If you want to print thousands and hundreds of Documents regularly. Lawyers usually print hundred of documents regularly. 

In that case, Print speed also matters. Next thing is the print cost As I told you, Lawyers and Builders usually print a lot of papers. Builders have to print a lot of documents.

Print speed matters As well as print efficiency or cost of printing a single page also matters. Without wasting time, let’s move on to all the different criteria and Compare inkjet printers and laser printers in these Three terms. 

Let’s try to understand the paper quality And the print quality and which printer is best in Which part, i.e. Starting with laser printers, the Laser printer has a laser nozzle, and thus it can print Text that is very crisp, fine, small Small text on a paper.

If you are trying to print Something that is related to the text or if you are into office printing. If you need a printer for your office work, then a laser printer Will be best for you if we talk about print quality. 

whereas, On the other hand, inkjet printers use ink which Does not have that precise printing and best multifunction laser printer in india.

If you are trying to get a printer for your schoolwork. Then, an inkjet printer will be best because the quality and the colour Of the ink are better as compared to laser toner colours.

In simple terms, if you need a printer that Is more Monochrome and that has only text printers and is used To print documents in the office, then laser printer Is multifunction laser printer in India 2020.

If you want colour printing then again If it is a document colour printing and if there are only Limited colours then the colour printer, i.e. inkjet printer is quality good. But if you are looking for something that prints regularly photos, i.e. Colours regularly.

If your work requires You to print coloured photo regularly And daily. Then inkjet printers will be quite Good for you. Because they can produce good colours and printing ability. 

Both printers, i.e. laser printers as well as Inkjet printers, have their pros and cons. If we talk about Print speed – Laser printers provide a print speed From 15 to 100 pages per minute of best multifunction laser printer in india.

On average, You will get as low as 15 pages and As high as 100 pages, depending on your budget. If you buy A high-end laser printer, it will print 100 pages per minute. 

If you buy an entry-level laser printer, it will print 15 pages per minute. On the other hand, inkjet Printers use ink, which requires time to dry up. 

Thus inkjet printers are less speedy, and They take more time to print. So average speed of inkjet printer Is 16 pages per minute. Ranging from 5 Page to 20 pages per minute that brings us to 15 16 pages per minute on an average.

If you Looking for something that does not require much print speed, Then you can go with inkjet printers. If you are looking for something That usually requires 100 to 200 pages every day. 

Then I think the laser printer will be better for you. Let’s move on to the print volume. With prints Speed. There is something known as print volumes, i.e. How many Prints your printer can print at a given time. 

For example, If you have an HP Laserjet Pro HP LaserJet Pro M401n can print 35 pages per minute 35 pages per minute whereas if you have a Canon Canon PIXMA TS6220 which is an inkjet printer.

Inkjet printers can only print 15 pages per minute. But monthly there is a print volume that is Recommended by the company and the manufacturer. In case of a laser printer, it is usually 700 to 3000 Pages per month whereas, in the case of inkjet printers, 

It is as low as 500 pages per month. So there is a monthly duty cycle Vs monthly recommended print volume. If you print Beyond this, you might face issues on Regular basis. If you are looking for high printing and Daily printing, then the laser printer is the best best multifunction laser printer in india.

Now let’s move On the cost and efficiency of the printer. Printing cost. Usually, there are three cost and three Things that you should consider while considering printing cost. 

The first thing is the lifespan of the printer. The price of the cartridge and the Print cost. Let’s talk about the Printer’s life span. Usually, inkjet printers have a minimum lifespan Of Three years. 

You might face problems for 3 years. On average, People face problems in inkjet printers, after three years. Whereas in laser printer it is as low as one year because there is a laser involved and if you have a Dirty inkjet printer and if you don’t clean or service Inkjet printer, 

you might face problems as well as If you don’t operate inkjet printers for a long time.

Let’s say maybe for two months or three months if you haven’t taken Any printer. Then inkjet printers tend to have a Clogged nozzle, and the ink gets clogged in the Nozzle, thus adding a cost to your printing. 

Now let’s move on to the print cost. Usually, laser Printers have a cartridge which is Costly as compared to inkjet printers cartridge so is an ink which is dried out which is a special kind fo Ink. 

Whereas inkjet printers have liquid ink which can installed And inserted which can be inserted by your local printer mechanic So talking about the cost of refill, the refill cost is more and Same is the cost of laser printer.

First-time investment, the cost of the printer will be twice or thrice As compared to inkjet printers. If you get an inkjet printer For let’s say, 5000Rs you might have to invest Around 10000Rs to 15000Rs for An laser printer. The cost of buying The printer initially is high. I

f we talk about The printing efficiency and the printing cost. The printing cost is low as compared to inkjet printers. So ink is kind is costly.

The cartridge of a Laser printer is costly, but the number of prints That a single cartridge can give is high. Thus Getting a print ratio a print cost as low As 1 Rs / 100 prints. Let’s take an example If you have an HP laserjet pro HP LaserJet Pro M401n – You might have to pay 190 for 7000 prints, i.e. 2.8cents Per page. 

Whereas if you have a canon PIXMA CANON PIXMA TS6220 Inkjet printer – Refill cost Will be 24$ but it will only print 400 pages, i.e. cost of around 6.2 cents per page.

That is triple the cost of the laser printer. The refill cost of a laser printer is prohibitive, But it gives a higher number of prints in a single cartridge. Thus the print cost is very low. Let’s take a quick summary. 

If you are looking for something to print regularly and If you print around 3000 documents, Minimum 3000 documents Per month, and regularly if you need to Print. And if you are printing something related to Text, i.e. for office, you should go with a laser printer.

The cost of a refill will be more, but you will have that many Prints, and the print cost will be less. You might have to invest much in laser printers, but The quality of the print and the text will crisp. 

You can print faster. Whereas if you are looking for a home printer Where you might print some photos and even you might print Something related to colour printing or for projects/ school projects And for kids. 

You should go with an inkjet printer But make sure you print regularly and don’t stop Printing for a month or two this might mess up With the ink; it might block the nozzle Make sure if you print 400 documents per month, You can go with an inkjet printer.

I hope you understood And the comparison between inkjet printer and laser printer was Well and in case if you want more episodes and more videos Like this, related to technology in the animated format then I think you should subscribe to our youtube channel i.e.


We tried our best to make this waste multifunction laser printer in India 2020, so if you like our post, then share it with your friends and family, and if you have any doubts, you can contact us here.

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