LG Ultragear 24” 144Hz, Native 1ms Full HD Gaming Monitor with Radeon Freesync – 24GL600 – Review

LG monitor review 2

So we are going to look at a 1080p gaming monitor today, which has an IPS panel with a refresh rate of 75 Hz.And I thought that it was great to have a monitor like this available at this price point.

But it turns out that it was too good to be true, and this monitor does have some serious issues.So the assembly of this monitor is pretty simple, take it out of the box. fix this part into the base of the stand, and then fix the stand to the monitor.

You get a power adapter which does not have a brick at the nice centre, an HDMI cable inside, and this clip for cable management, you also get the drivers in a CD if you have an optical drive.The overall look of this monitor is probably the best thing about it.

It has a brilliant and sleek look for a gaming monitor, and it doesn’t look boring or cheezy, so it’ll also work for very well in an office.

It is fairly thin, but it doesn’t have a bezel-less design that some other monitors in this price range have, which I do not mind, but thinner bezels do look nice.This monitor doesn’t support VESA mounting, which sucks because the stand doesn’t offer any adjustment whatsoever.And being able to adjust, at least the tilt angle is something I consider necessary.For the inputs, you have VGA, HDMI, and DP so that you can run it with older and newer computers, you, of course, have a port for power, and you also have a 3.5mm jack for audio with headphones or speakers.

This monitor doesn’t have an inbuilt speaker, which is what I prefer.The monitor is controlled completely by the joystick under the panel, and LG has one of the best ways to control the settings on your monitor. so this system works well, and you also have the LG software to adjust the settings if you prefer that way of doing it.

This monitor is a 24 inch full HD IPS display, which is nothing special. Still, it does have a refresh rate of 75 Hz, which wasn’t available in this price range earlier. 75Hz is a decent step up from 60Hz, it is very noticeable even when moving your mouse on the screen, and while gaming, it also makes a difference. you do get a taste of higher than 60 Hz refresh rate, without spending much, which is a nice trend to see in newer full HD monitors.

It also doesn’t require a potent GPU.But you cannot overclock it, even a little; it just shows that the display signal is out of range, even at 80 Hz, and I used to frequently overclock my BenQ 60Hz VA panel to 75Hz while gaming, so 75Hz refresh rate is not that special.

This monitor is an IPS panel, which covers over 99%of sRGB colour gamut. Still, out of the box, the colour accuracy was an issue, and I had to calibrate this by adding 10% to the blue channel and reducing 3% of the red channel to get rid of the warmer than neutral colour tone on display.

So this can be used for content creation, but you’ll have to know how to calibrate the display and have a reference point like my 4K IPS monitors at the back, but most people buying this wouldn’t have that, so you can try my settings and see if it feels more neutral.But after doing all of that, the colours do seem to be pretty nice and saturated. it does deliver to the expectations of IPS display.


LG monitor review

Two hundred fifty nits of brightness are plenty, and I keep it at around 30%, and a 1000:1 contrast ratio and perfect viewing angles, which this monitor has are typical for IPS panels.It has a 5ms of grey to grey response time, which is fine for gaming, and it also has 1ms response time mode with motion blur reduction, which makes the display visible flicker, and also makes the games and moving objects on the screen look worse than how they look with motion blur, so that is useless.

There are other gaming features like black stabilizer which brightens the darker parts of games which I personally never used in2 years with these monitors at the back.But this monitor allows you to display a crosshair on the screen, so if you want to take those no scope shots in games. you can cheat without using a marker or sticking something on the monitor, so this is the only gaming feature that I think can be useful.And it also supports AMD FreeSync,

which you can take advantage of if you are running an AMD GPU. Now, IPS panels are known to have some IPSglow, but this is extraordinarily terrible, and it is pretty noticeable whenever you have anything dark going on the screen. You do notice it while playing games or watching dark scenes in videos, and I didna expect this from LG.It is not noticeable in general desktop operation, and it is also not visible when you don thave dark scenes in games. Still, it isn’t perfect when you see it, and this is something that you’ll have to get used to if this is going to be your primary monitor.

There are also two bright white spots on the panel, and you also see faint vertical lines in orange and blue colours, which does not bother me, but it is noticeable.And all these issues are not because I received a defective unit, because if you check out the reviews of this on Amazon, you’ll see that other people are also facing these issues.

One issue that does seem to be present on my unit specifically is a dead pixel that I noticed one day after the return window closed. While you can get dead pixels with any display, I’ve gone through around8 or ten monitors including 4K monitors, and none of them has had a single dead pixel out of the box, so take that as you will.So overall, I don’t know if I can recommend this monitor.

While I think that it offers good display quality and features for the price, and 75Hzrefresh rate on its IPS panel with its sleek design are nice, you will have to consider whether the issues I talked about are something that will be a deal-breaking for you.If this is going to be your primary monitor, then I would recommend searching for alternatives, and see if you can get the same feature set without these issues.

This monitor could be the best value monitor for someone who wants to do some content creation alongside gaming, but I haven’t done much research on monitors in this price range, and I would recommend going for higher resolution monitors if you can afford that because now the prices are not as bad as they used to be.

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