Best Monitor under 10000

Best Monitor under 10000 in India
Best Monitor under 10000 in India

Don’t worry if you are confused which is the best monitor under 10000 in India for 2020 to buy, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve provided you with a comprehensive list of the best under 10K monitors.

In this guide, you are able to find the best monitor under 10000 in India for 2020.This article gives you in depth information on the best monitor under Rs 10,000.

You can check out all the hidden details and features and pick the right monitor for gaming or office use.

The Monitor is considered the main output device in all computer component.The monitor is the lifeblood of a PC.

The monitor is used to display the information of the photograph. In the old days, people kept an eye on black and white.

Then the color monitor started up. And now the curved monitor is standing apart.

Nowadays, very expensive plasma and OLED monitors are also available in the digital market.

In addition, a list of top monitors covering top brands, prices, features, specs and more has been created.

We have authentic, well-researched content on top brands and provide information on features, specifications, price classes, and brands sold to them.

Additionally, we have direct links to purchase a product that has helped you save time and simplify the whole process.

We are living in 2020 so The most important factor to consider is that you don’t need to use an HD monitor. We make sure you have a 1080p FHD monitor.

When you switch from a 720p monitor to a 1080p monitor, you will see a great improvement in picture quality.

Some of the following models for the gaming experience may also be included in the list of best monitors below 10,000.

HP Ultra-Thin Full HD IPS MonitorVGA and HDMI Ports

HP Ultra-Thin Full HD IPS MonitorVGA and HDMI Ports
HP Ultra-Thin Full HD IPS MonitorVGA and HDMI Ports

This is the thinnest monitor in this price range. 75 Hz refresh rate makes an eye caching difference while using it.

The Full HD screen gives a crisp and good quality of image and video output. You will enjoy the screen for this budget.

Small bezel is the main feature of this monitor and it improves visibility. The display is also called a micro edge IPS display.

The HP monitor has an IPS panel that gives vivid color and good viewing angles.

It has good build quality and super light weight.

Higher refresh rate will give you a smoother and fluid experience in gameplay. If you synchronize your monitor with your GPU then it will benefit you more.

AMD freesync technology is useful when you are using an AMD GPU.

Display panel is anti glare so light reflection is less with this HP monitor.

Additionally it comes with the low blue light mode which helps your eye while playing games for a long times.

Samsung Curved LED Backlit Monitor - Full HD

Samsung Curved LED Backlit Monitor - Full HD
Samsung Curved LED Backlit Monitor - Full HD

When it comes to the good screen, the brand that comes to our mind is always Samsung. Samsung produces good monitors with good screens.

This samsung monitor comes with a 23.5 inches nice curved screen with 16:9 ratio. Curved screen in this price range is the best deal you can get.

The Screen has a good deep black color which you will love to watch movies, games and images.

The screen of the Samsung monitor is Full HD. We recommend you to buy a full Hd screen because it will give you a nice watching experience.

Samsung Monitor comes with 1 HDMI, VGA, Headphone ports. Viewing angle is 178 degrees with this monitor.

Flicker free technology comes with this monitor, which reduces the flickering while playing Games. Response time is 4ms with Samsung monitor.

It features sleek and ultra slim design. If you are a gamer you will enjoy gaming with AMD Freesync feature.

It is enhanced with eye saver mode which reduces blue light emission.

LG 22 inch IPS Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel VGA, HDMI, DVI, Audio Out Ports

LG 22 inch IPS Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel VGA, HDMI, DVI, Audio Out Ports
LG 22 inch IPS Monitor - Full HD, IPS Panel VGA, HDMI, DVI, Audio Out Ports

This is the best monitor you can buy in this price range. LG makes good monitors in all price ranges.

This LG monitor has a 22 inches Full HD IPS panel which is best in budget. The screen is 3 side borderless and slim in looks.

LG monitor comes with a 60 Hz refresh rate and 5ms response time.

The monitor has 4 screen splits. It splits your screen in 4 screens so you can word differently on different screens.

LG has 178 degrees wide angle which enhances watching experience.

If you love to read a lot on screen then it will help you. It comes with reader mode inbuilt which you can turn on while reading.

By default it comes with 60 Hz frequency but you can take it to 75 Hz with changing mode screen mode.

It has beautiful color reproduction. We loved it. HDMI cable comes with the box.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

There are many companies that make the best monitors under 10000, but we recommended you to go with Samsung, LG, HP etc.

If you are looking for the 23-24 inch monitor then you should definitely go for the Samsung Curved screen monitor. We have reviewed it in article.

Looking for the best ips monitor under 10k  then go for the LG ips monitor and HP ips monitor. You will get a full review here.


If you are willing to buy a gaming monitor than you should consider shorter response time and the other has a higher refresh rate.

We had the best oversight for using photo editing monitors, gaming monitors, and office use monitors.

The better the output of the monitor will be the first choice for use.

Nowadays, most photo or video editing tasks are best accomplished with the help of technology.

Technology plays an important role in gaming, publishing, and being on the cutting edge of computers and devices.

Computer screens are at the heart of the career of any creative digital photography professional.

Choosing a Full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution computer monitor, also known as 1080P can be very difficult.

For photo editors, 1080p displays a great specification that is heavily important when choosing a monitor.

For the real life gamer high quality gaming monitor is what they need.

Gamers aren’t happy with just a regular monitor. crisp and vivid images preferable to use the best gaming monitors by gamers.

High-resolution screens aren’t the only consideration when choosing a gaming monitor. There are other additional and useful functions that you should be aware of.

Tell us in the comments section how our article helped you make the right choice! Which is the currently best LED monitor under 10,000 in India?

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