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HP 14-inch Laptop

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HP 14-inch Laptop (9th Gen A4-9125/4GB

Review of HP 14-inch Laptop (9th Gen A4-9125/4GB :

This notebook is actually a 14-inches notebook by HP brand. It’s a ninth creation of A-4 chip, and it is definitely an AMD chip within this HP notebook computer. The clock frequency with this HP notebook is 2.3 GHz, also it’s adequate in this price segment. This ninth-generation of a four-processor includes two cores for its operation.

Both center AMD ninth-generation A-4 chip features a co picture process or of AMD Radeon R-3 . This picture chip enhances processing and editing operation of the notebook –that the notebook built with 4 GB of those horn, that will be DDr4. Hence that the functioning of the ram is adequate at the price.

The display size with this notebook is HD resolution with 14-inches 1366 x 768 resolution. The pre-built functioning process is Windows-10 Home, also it’s additionally Microsoft office 20-19 to your student user it’s going to help with the windows upgrades.

It has a inch TB hard-disk drive, 1TB hard disk drive will do for the majority of the end users. The sleek design with this notebook tends to make it look fashionable and lovely. The battery of this HP notebook delivers approximately 5 hours to get the complete charge. Multi Tasking is great with this notebook