Best laptop under 20000

best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor in india 20000 20k i5 i7 processor with windows 10 in india 2020

Which is the best laptop under 20000 rupees in India right now? So you are in the right place to find your answer

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    The 20000 rupees price is a very budget price. There are few options available under this price, but there are some laptops available at this price range which perform decently for the price.

    What specifications should you consider for the laptop price of under 20000?

    There are three main key features which you have to consider when you buy a laptop under 20000.


    The processor is the main feature in consideration when you want to buy a laptop. In India, mainly two brands are found for the laptop processors. One is Intel, and another is AMD, both brands are best at their end. Indian people have more trust on the Intel processor, but from a few years ago AMD also gained some popularity in India for the laptop processor. So we will consider both Intel and AMD processor laptops for this price range, and the rest is your decision.


    Ram is also a feature that is to consider while buying the laptop. But at the 20000 rupees price range we will see the laptop comes with a decent amount of ram embedded with the computer—a good amount of ram considered for the smooth and lag-free performance.

    Storage Capacity:

    The Storage is where you put your files and data. SSD called the best storage option when it considers for the data transfer. SSD has a higher amount of speed with the processing. But in this price range, it is hard to find the SSD storage, but when there is a limited budget, we have to stick with the HDD storage for the time being.

    If you are interested the laptop comes with SSD storage, and you are willing to increase the budget you can check our Best laptop under 20000, Best laptop under 30000.

    best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor in india 20000 20k i5 i7 processor with windows 10 in india 2020 Lenovo Ideapad S145 AMD A6-9225 15.6 inch HD Thin and Light Laptop (4GB/1TB/Windows 10/Grey/1.85Kg), 81N30063IN

    This laptop is AMD A6 chipset based and has a clocked frequency of 2.6 GHz, and it is two core CPU. It is designed for delivering a good amount of performance. The RAM capacity of this Lenovo laptop is 4 GB which is enough for the essential performance. The combo of 4gb ram and the AMD A6 chipset makes it stand out from all laptops and comes with the price range of 20000 20k.

    The laptop has 15.6 inches HD display, and anti-glare coating enabled. Anti Glare technology comes with this laptop is very uncommon for this price range. The narrow bezels of two sides of the display enhance your viewing experience. The screen looks more significant with the small bezels from two sides.

    When we talk about the HDD storage, then it has the 1 TB of hard disk space available in this laptop, which is enough for a user. 1 TB hard disk and 4 GB ram is a good combo for the price segment.

    It is very much ideal for the students, traveller and daily use. The laptop comes with the pre-installed windows ten, so there is no need to take headache for installing the operating system for best laptop under 20000. The battery life of this laptop is around 5.5 hours which is decent for this price range, so you have to carry a charger when you are travelling around.

    The laptop weighs around 1.85 KG which is lightweight because of below 2 kg. It has a t180 degree hinge for the display. The built-in 1.5W deal speakers produce a good amount of Dolby for the watching movies and listening song with this laptop is lovable with it.

    2. HP 14-inch Laptop

    HP 14-inch Laptop (9th Gen A4-9125/4GB/1TB HDD/Win 10/MS Office 2019/AMD Radeon R3 Graphics), 14-cm0123au

    This laptop is a 14 inches laptop by HP brand. It has a ninth generation of a4 processor, which is an AMD processor in this HP laptop. The clock frequency of this HP laptop is 2.3 GHz, and it is decent in this price segment. This ninth generation of a four-processor has two cores for the performance.

    The two core AMD ninth-generation a4 processor has a co graphic processor of AMD Radeon R3. This graphic processor enhances editing and processing performance of the laptop—the laptop equipped with 4 GB of the ram, which is DDr4. So the performance of the ram is decent at this price.

    The display size of this laptop is HD resolution with 14 inches 1366 x 768 resolution. The prebuilt operation system is Windows 10 Home, and it has also Microsoft office 2019  for the student user it will help with the windows updates in best laptop under 20000.

    It is equipped with a 1 TB hard disk, 1TB hard disk is enough for most of the users. The thin and sleek design of this laptop makes it look stylish and beautiful. The battery of the HP laptop delivers around 5 hours for a full charge. Multitasking is good with this laptop

    3. Lenovo Ideapad S145 Pentium Gold

    Lenovo Ideapad S145 Pentium Gold 5405U 15.6 inch HD Thin and Light Laptop (4GB RAM/ 1TB HDD/ Windows 10 Home/ Platinum Grey/1.85 Kg), 81MV00M3IN best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor in india 20000 20k i5 i7 processor with windows 10 in india 2020

    Designed to give a long-lasting performance to this laptop, this Lenovo IdeaPad laptop is known for its powerful processing. You will get to use an efficiently working notebook in a fashionable design. When using the Lenovo S145 laptop, you will get advantaged from protected storage options and a broad range of connectivity options available in it.

    Have a detailed look at the specifications, Lenovo equipped this IdeaPad notebook with an Intel Pentium Gold 5405U processor. It works at a base rate of 2.3 GHz. In this processor, there is the addition of 2 cores and two MB smart cache. The memory and storage are 4GB RAM and 1 TB HDD.

    The size of the display is 15.6-inchs, which comes with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. This display includes a notable feature like Anti Glare. In the screen of the Lenovo laptop, the graphics card included in it is Intel Integrated UHD 610.

    In the Lenovo laptop, there is a built-in battery that supports a battery life of 5.5 hours. This battery life is satisfactory to execute all your essential tasks without requiring frequent charging.

    Glancing at the design of the IdeaPad laptop, it is made thin and lightweight. It comes with a 180-degree hinge. The existence of the narrow bezel on the two sides conveys a clean layout and also eases you with a large display area. With the choice of colours which comes in a glossy and textured finish, the budget laptop is sure to impress anyone. This device simply weighs 1.85 kg, and is made in a sleek appearance.

    Besides, this laptop always keeps you connected to the Internet and other devices with the combination of Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and 1X1 AC WiFi connectivity. These wireless connectivity choices boast enhanced range and fast speed.

    4. Acer Aspire 3 A315-53

    best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor in india 20000 20k i5 i7 processor with windows 10 in india 2020 Acer Aspire 3 A315-53 15.6-inch Laptop (Intel Celeron Processor 3867U/4GB/500GB HDD/Windows 10 Home 64 bit/Intel HD 610 Graphics), Obsidian Black

    The lifelike image quality in the screen output is the desire of customers, but the same is difficult to have in budget laptops. However, you can now get the same with this Acer Aspire notebook computer. For working on your projects or for video viewing or internet surfing, the screen quality would benefit you the most. Produced in premium looks, you will love working on this laptop for hours. Moreover, it presents a comfortable typing experience.

    In this Acer Aspire 15.6-inch notebook, the integrated processor is Intel Celeron Processor 3867U working at a maximum speed of 1.8 GHz. In the processor of this laptop, There are two cores and 2 MB cache present within this processor. The 4 GB DDR4 RAM can enlarge up to 12 GB. The storage space contained is 500 GB 5400 rpm HDD.

    The size of the display is 15.6-inch also it includes a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. This display contains the Acer CineCrystal LED-backlit type TFT LCD with high-brightness. This HD display gives you the right amount of space for opening many windows as well as supporting digital entertainment functions. There is an Intel Integrated UHD 610 graphics card included in this budget laptop.

    In contrast to other laptops available in this price segment online, this Acer Aspire budget laptop includes a more powerful battery life of 6.5 hours which is higher than other competitors. The built battery is a 2-cell battery. You can smoothly perform multitasking, watch movies, work on your projects, etc., without worrying about frequent charging. The operating system pre-installed in this Acer laptop is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

    Designed in Obsidian Black colour, this system boasts premium looks with a gorgeous exterior you will love the premium touch and feel the experience. The weight of the device is only 2.1 kg.

    You can Enjoy premium looks without the premium price with the Acer Aspire laptop series. This version (A315-53) includes a beautiful exterior and premium touch and feel. It also features a 15.6-inch.

    For men and women that are on a budget, they should focus on specific vital considerations before purchasing a laptop. The under section highlights the essential aspects of factors for the notebooks under 20000.

    1 Display and Quality of the screen

    There is not any doubt that the screen size of a laptop is an essential factor. If your laptop comes with a small size display like 13 or14 inches, then it is highly portable. On the other hand, a larger screen like 15.6-inch offers a widescreen area. This larger screen helps you watch movies with more enjoyment. Additionally, it can prove useful for productivity.

    Generally, from the budget best laptop under 20000 as discussed above, you’ll discover screen size to be 14 inches or 15.6 inches. Most of the laptops find the 1366×768 in pixels and HD resolution on these laptops. You can consider going for a higher display resolution like 1080p which will make the material look clear and sharp. However, it may be tricky to discover this resolution in this budget.

    2. Processor

    The processor speed is the fundamental property of the notebook, and it decides the rate of operations going into the system. It is denoted in Gigahertz (GHz). It is a crucial point to consider if you are looking for a laptop that can run intensive games and high graphical applications. Generally, you’ll find laptops with processing rates in a selection of 1.8 GHz to 2.6 GHz in this budget of best laptop under 20000.

    If you would like to carry out heavy data processing or any graphic designing on the laptop, then you need to consider a high-speed processor. Furthermore, you can also choose the multi-core options. you can not get best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor

    3. Hard disk storage and RAM size

    Just about all customers ready to purchase a laptop know that should they intend to store a great many movies and songs, a top ROM is necessary. If you would like to run many applications simultaneously, then it’s advisable to go for a notebook with high RAM capacity.

    Typically, in these budget notebooks, you will discover 4GB RAM and 500 GB or 1TB of HDD for storage as data collection. Consequently, it is possible to store ample amounts of data without any issues efficiently. For regular everyday use and multitasking to some extent, this RAM capacity is sufficient.

    It’s challenging to find RAM capacity over 4GB in this budget. But, you can consider laptops with expandable RAM options. If you do your research well, it is easy to find a laptop with expandability up to 16 GB RAM.

    4. Graphic memory

    They are the elements of modern desktops and laptops. They are the driving force behind all of your games, videos, and video-based applications. In the absence of a decent quality graphics card, it isn’t feasible to run a high-definition video or game.

    For getting smooth and lag-free gameplay and videos, choose for laptops that come bundled with the high-end graphics card. It’s essential to bear in mind that a dedicated GPU isn’t possible in this budget. Thus, you will need to opt for the integrated GPU. Generally, you’ll discover Intel or AMD graphics cards within these budget laptops of best laptop under 20000.

    4. Graphic memory

    One of the most crucial aspects which can not be overlooked is battery life. With adequate battery life, it is guaranteed that you can use your laptop when you’re travelling, at the workplace, in demonstrations, etc. For all these purposes, there is no need to be worried about the battery drain issues if your laptop includes powerful battery performance of best laptop under 20000.

    Typically, from the budget notebooks under 20000, you’ll find a built-in battery using an average battery life of 5-6 hours. This battery life is decent enough to support your regular use and slight multitasking for a couple of hours. Without an adequate battery life, you may face hassles of frequently charging your notebook that isn’t a fantastic idea.

    Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

    Our list of the best laptops under 20000 considers all laptops the best for this price bracket.

    The laptop in this price range 20k 20000, comes with HDD storage, but the SSD storage is missing. And ddr4 is also suitable for this price range. Some of the laptops also come with the integrated graphics processor, which helps for the basic graphic acceleration and the reduce the load of the central processor.

    For heavy gaming, we will not recommend this laptop for you. For gaming, you should increase the budget and have to go for inbuilt graphic laptops.

    Yes, all student needs necessary processing, so it is useful for students as well as home users


    Best Laptop under 20000 with i5 i7 processor in india 20k in india with windos 10 in 2020 besty

    These best laptop under 20000 laptops are considered for basic computing and great for the home and office going people. These are the best laptops for students and collagens. You can choose which is the best laptop suit from the above list of the best laptop under 20000. You will not get the best laptop under 20000 with i7 processor in india.

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