Best i3 laptop under 30000

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Best i3 laptop under 30000 | If you are looking for the best laptop of i3, which comes under 30000, then we have found such a great laptop for you, and you will find all the details in this post.

Most of the laptops that come in 30000 come with the I3 8th Generation. Recently we have got a great laptop that comes with the Tenth Generation and that too with the I3 processor.

The 10th generation I3 processor is the latest and is fast. Let’s get started

Intel’s I3 and that meeting with the 10th generation is not a common thing. Recently, Lenovo has launched a new laptop in its Idea Pad series

This Lenovo laptop comes with the latest processor of Intel Core I3, which is of the tenth generation. This processor is much faster than the eighth-generation processor. In every case, it beats the eighth-generation processor.


We are talking about the specification of Lenovo’s laptop. We said like, Intel’s tenth generation Core i3 processor. What we liked very much in this laptop is the SSD that comes in it. This laptop has used a perfect 256 GB SSD by Lenovo.

Having SSD on a laptop means having excellent speed. Where other laptops come with a regular hard disk, which is quite slow, but Lenovo has given SSD by applying its masterstroke. Due to SSD, you will be able to open all programs at very high speed, as well as the booting time of the laptop will also be reduced.

When the laptop gives excellent speed, we also enjoy using it very much. They have given 4GB of ddr4 RAM in it, which is very common in this price range if Lenovo offers 8GB of RAM. No other laptop company can beat Lenovo.

Looking at the pre-install software, this laptop has Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, which will be very beneficial for the students and office workers.

As far as display is concerned, Lenovo always enters the laptop market with a good screen.

In this laptop, Lenovo has given full HD, which comes with an anti-glare panel. This screen significantly boosts the experience of the user, and you are going to have a lot of fun watching movies.

This laptop of Lenevo is very lightweight, so you have to lift it that you will have to work less to move from one place to another. The laptop will give you 5 hours of battery backup at ease.

One thing that I have forgotten to mentor is that this latest processor, Intel’s tenth generation. It can handle some gaming, too. So you can play basic gaming to pass the time.

Build quality is quite a sturdy of this laptop, and it looks lovely. Whenever you are using it in your college or your school, then people will pay attention to it.


Talking about the conclusion, we feel that there is no better laptop in the market than the price of 30000, which comes inside Ranchi. In this, the latest processor is the best thing that makes this laptop very special so that you can buy it.

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