Best i3 laptop under 30000

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Best i3 laptop under 30000 | If you are looking for the best laptop of i3, which comes under 30000, then we have found such a great laptop for you, and you will find all the details in this post.

Most of the laptops that come in 30000 come with the I3 8th Generation. Recently we have got a great laptop that comes with the Tenth Generation and that too with the I3 processor.

The 10th generation I3 processor is the latest and is fast. Let’s get started

Intel’s I3 and that meeting with the 10th generation is not a common thing. Recently, Lenovo has launched a new laptop in its Idea Pad series

This Lenovo laptop comes with the latest processor of Intel Core I3, which is of the tenth generation. This processor is much faster than the eighth-generation processor. In every case, it beats the eighth-generation processor.


We are talking about the specification of Lenovo’s laptop. We said like, Intel’s tenth generation Core i3 processor. What we liked very much in this laptop is the SSD that comes in it. This laptop has used a perfect 256 GB SSD by Lenovo.

Having SSD on a laptop means having excellent speed. Where other laptops come with a regular hard disk, which is quite slow, but Lenovo has given SSD by applying its masterstroke. Due to SSD, you will be able to open all programs at very high speed, as well as the booting time of the laptop will also be reduced.

When the laptop gives excellent speed, we also enjoy using it very much. They have given 4GB of ddr4 RAM in it, which is very common in this price range if Lenovo offers 8GB of RAM. No other laptop company can beat Lenovo.

Looking at the pre-install software, this laptop has Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, which will be very beneficial for the students and office workers.

As far as display is concerned, Lenovo always enters the laptop market with a good screen.

In this laptop, Lenovo has given full HD, which comes with an anti-glare panel. This screen significantly boosts the experience of the user, and you are going to have a lot of fun watching movies.

This laptop of Lenevo is very lightweight, so you have to lift it that you will have to work less to move from one place to another. The laptop will give you 5 hours of battery backup at ease.

One thing that I have forgotten to mentor is that this latest processor, Intel’s tenth generation. It can handle some gaming, too. So you can play basic gaming to pass the time.

Build quality is quite a sturdy of this laptop, and it looks lovely. Whenever you are using it in your college or your school, then people will pay attention to it.

Hey, guys, what’s up, I’m with strategic guidance and what we have here is the latest ideapad laptop from Lenovo. This is the 20 19 cities. This is the 14 inch model series is relatively more affordable.

This machine should be somewhere in the price segment of 30 to 40 thousand rupees, maybe less. If you pick up a lower configuration and these are light in weight and these have certain USB stick I’m going to tell you about.

So first of all, first of all, this is quite light in weight around two KG or less in weight. This goes around one point six to one point eight KG, if you will, for a bigger version with 15 and 16, it will be slightly heavier, maybe two, 2.5 KG. It has the some mate finished on top. This is a metallic finish, but this is actually plastic. But the material quality here use is pretty good. It has lenovo branding on top and the product looks quite robust and premium.

The quality of material they have used feels quite robust. A touch feel. And the hinge, the sort of build quality of this laptop is really very impressive.

The keyboard here is a checklist style keyboard and a key travel is also fairly good and the keyboard also feels quite robust and strong.

There is this touchpad below it or the trackpad, which does not have very, what I would say, tactile feedback.

But it works. The accuracy of the touch is quite good because the accuracy movement accuracy is pretty good on point. But the way the president click that it takes kind of feels a bit flimsy. So this is one thing which I feel is probably not a very confidence inspiring. This series that we are having here is sparked by the AMD processor.

It also comes with SSD hybrid drive. So if you want to pick up a machine which has a certain level of performance, you can go for the models with SSD. One thing I noticed soon after I started this, there was some apps that were consuming too much CPU.

Then I disconnected from the Internet and probably went fine again. But this process that is not very powerful, I would say. Let me turn on the Wi-Fi again and see if we are able to run some videos here.

It gives you a 8 gb ram that should be good for multitasking, it gives you a windows be installed.

One is the speaker quality. It has two speakers at one point five, what each, which comes with Dolby Atmos surround sound, which makes it quite the, I would say, pleasing to the ears.

And again, the music has shot 100 percent. So the CPU you had is not very powerful. It very easily maxes out, although there is a lot of free memory available. Almost half of the ram is free. The performance seems to be mediocre.

The build quality looks good, the design is good, the product feels robust. And this is the kind of laptop, if you buy it, you can probably use it for years without much trouble. There is also a webcam which has been placed here on the bazel side. Bazels are quite slim, so you get a good and wide screen. The other top and bottom windows are quite thick, but I do not have any complaints considering that this is a budget laptop and comes with one 1 TB of storage.

The screen is also undeclared.

So even if you use it outside, that is harsh light. Falling on it in the screen wouldn’t be so reflective that you can work on it. You can run your Day-To-Day applications and as you can see, the CPU utilization has fallen drastically.

So there is some update process running which is slowing it down. Giving a quick physical overview of this laptop on the left side, you would find some standard full sized boards as the charging board HDMI and three full size USB boards, which I really appreciate, especially after using a laptop which has only type support. It is quite a headache to carry all of those dongle.

So full size boards are always better. And welcome here. You have a full size SD card slot and you have three point five audio board.

This is for Mike as well as headphone on the board and hear what you see is a microphone hold. That’s a microphone holds probably here around the camera as well, which is probably for a 3D sound or noise cancellation feature.

It is a no nonsense machine if you are looking for something that does not require too much of processing. But if you are not a video editor or if you are not a photo editor and you need a basic machine for documentation, doing some emails, if you are doing regular office work, this would probably be more than enough. It’s very robust. It does not set you back by too much. It’s not very expensive, but at the same time it’s not very popular as well.

It’s a very well sorted machine for professionals or students who are just starting out.

It is not a gaming machines or mind it. It’s not powerful enough to have new gaming. It has this inbuilt Radeon graphics here. It has a CPU, which is a dual core.

So although the clock speed is fine and everything seems OK, but the real life performance of this machine seems to be a bit jittery and I would not recommend it to someone who is looking for performance, but someone who is looking for reliability, simplicity, a good machine, which you can depend on in a budget segment and which does not cost a fortune, do you? This is a very sensible and a very good buy if you want to pick up one for yourself.


Talking about the conclusion, we feel that there is no better laptop in the market than the price of 30000, which comes inside Ranchi. In this, the latest processor is the best thing that makes this laptop very special so that you can buy it.

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